Mail Dispatch is one of the largest and most established courier companies in Southern California, providing customers with pick-up and delivery service for over four decades. Since its founding in Seattle in 1968, the company has enjoyed robust growth. From its two operational hubs, San Diego and Fullerton, the company efficiently routes mail, bank deposits, and packages to over 1,000 businesses in the region. Mail Dispatch specializes in servicing many industries including pharmaceutical, biotech, banking, healthcare, real estate, high-tech, legal, manufacturing, and retail.

Competitive Advantage

We realize that you have many options when it comes to selecting a courier company in Southern California. However, we feel we offer many competitive advantages over our competition that makes choosing Mail Dispatch an easy decision.


Our commitment to service excellence is supported by a proprietary technology platform. We utilize advanced systems to ensure that 100% of all shipped items are tracked and accounted for. This platform is comprised of mobile scanners, real-time GPS tracking and proof-of-delivery, route optimization, web reporting, and more. All drivers are equipped with state of the art handheld scanners. These devices deliver data back to our on-line tracking system so our customers have visibility on all shipments when they move through the Mail Dispatch system.

Specialty Training

Our staff are trained and certified to service a range of specialized industries including pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotech, and banking. Due to our extensive work with pharmaceutical, major healthcare, and medical device clients, we are fully HIPAA compliant. We are skilled and trained in transporting lab samples as well as temperature-controlled and time-sensitive lab materials.


Our customers entrust us with the care and transportation of mission-critical materials, mail, and supplies. Keeping each delivery secure and accounted for is a big task--and one we take very seriously. Our operations and procedures are designed to provide customers with the highest level of security and safety. These systems include closed-circuit video monitoring throughout all facilities, alarm systems, security cages and restricted areas, regular security audits, and employee seminars regarding loss prevention, safety, and on-the-road security.