Customized Guarantee

Customized courier work is at the core of Mail Dispatch's service offerings. With an extensive route infrastructure developed from its predominantly contracted client base, customers reap the rewards of competitive pricing and consistent delivery windows. Mail Dispatch guarantees a consultative partnership with its key team members in customizing a transportation solution for each company. Whether it's dedicated routing, same-day delivery, or daily scheduled pick-up and delivery, Mail Dispatch will provide a cost cutting and results driven solution that meets all of your local transportation needs.

Same Day and Overnight Package Delivery Service

We can handle all your same-day and overnight deliveries in Southern and Central California. At a fraction of the cost and without the hidden fees, we can provide customers with pricing that is much less than the big freight companies. Say goodbye to multi-lot, dim, residential, and excessive weight charges by paying only one flat-rate price.

Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry Transport

With a focus on chain-of-custody delivery methodology, Mail Dispatch remains a premier carrier for Southern California's biotech industry. We provide both same-day and overnight delivery options for pharmaceutical distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, and biotech companies seeking to utilize today's technological advances. Our proprietary systems and processes ensure shipment integrity and visibility from point of pick-up to final destination.

Interoffice Pouch Service

Perfect for companies that exchange materials between offices on a regular basis. With no preset weight restrictions other than what can fit in the bag, we will establish a set schedule for exchanging interoffice mail, receipts, payroll, contracts, or you name it!

AM/PM Mail Service

As our name suggests, Mail Dispatch built its reputation around our premium AM/PM mail operation. Serviced by specialized drivers trained in postal procedures, we can pick up your mail from the post office in the early morning and deliver it at a designated time each and every day. This service is for businesses who place a premium on receiving their mail early at the start of their business day, rather than much later when the actual post office would deliver. Additionally, customers can take advantage of the partnership that Mail Dispatch has forged with the post office. Work later and get more accomplished using our premier outgoing mail services. We can offer later pick-up times than the USPS and still guarantee same-day processing of your mail.

Presort and Bulk Mail Service

Our Mail Metering and Presort Services enable customers to capture significant savings. We'll pick up your outgoing mail, have it processed at a discounted rate, and then pass savings back to you. Even if your mail volume isn't high, we can batch process your mail with some of our larger customers so you can still take advantage of high volume discounts. This service can drive additional efficiencies by eliminating the need for you to maintain on-site metering equipment.

Palletized Freight Service

With our fleet of bobtail trucks we can accommodate customers that have from one pallet to twelve pallets of freight that needs to be moved throughout Southern and Central California.